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TMWT is looking forward to expanding the voices of Muslim women. We welcome and encourage contributions from women with a lived experience of what it means to be a Muslim woman. We want to spotlight untold stories; stories that represent the diversity of Muslim women’s experiences. Our focus is on essays that incorporate anything from social justice and institutional corruption to wellbeing and Muslim women’s history. Our tone is forceful, loud and blunt. We tone it up. We say it as it is. We are unapologetic!

We do not accept or publish persuasive or preachy essays. We want essays that are conversational, compassionate and progressive. We want well researched and well-articulated stories with a good dose of creativity. We want our readers to be hooked from the first line. We believe that what is worth saying is worth saying well, so we lace our shoes tightly and drive home our points. We want our audience to have a continuing need for our content. So we need to cater to the issues and ideas that they care about.

You don’t need to be a great writer, but you need to be an excellent communicator. We respect the individual style and tone and would like this to reflect the diversity of our writers. No Jargons or profanities are allowed. Avoid being too casual. Be clear and easy to read and follow. Provide necessary context. Don’t expect our readers to know what you know, and don’t leave them guessing about what you mean. What’s important here is building a community of people hungry for our content. People who share our values, so they’ll appreciate our message.

Submit all pitches and contributions to contribute@themuslimwomentimes.com along with your bio, a headshot and your social media handles.

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  1. Ummulkhairi Dauda Biu says:

    Yes, I feel right of all women are oppressed right from childhood when shown that marriage and caretaking are what we are born to. And the fact is that we are the ones who oppress ourselves by telling our inner selves that we are not worth it. So when we grow up we have this perception that our voice shouldn’t be heard, for it is our aura. And feel ashamed of society and think of what they might say to you as a woman might bring shame to the family.

    The families of the female think that we are too dangerous in the society so we shouldn’t see the outside world but still, nothing changes we still get raped in our parents’ homes. The thing is, if they don’t go out will we get raped? If they think we are too dangerous for society, then why are we created by our Lord (SWT). why did he make us a blessing to our families?

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