The Dynamics of Rape Apologism in Muslim Spaces

Dismantling the Analogy of the Unwrapped Candy: On the Dynamics of Rape Apologism in Muslim Spaces

At the heart of rape-apologism is the narrative that hijab protects women from predatory men. I wish it were that simple. I wish that the countless reports about rape victims in full hijab and niqab weren’t true. I wish there were no reports of sexual abuse against old women who have lost their youth; that the narrative about infants and school-age children being raped simply didn’t exist. I wish covering up was the magic wand to stopping men from these crimes.

The Muslim Women Times

“We Were Told to be Silent”: 3 Muslim Women Talk About Their Experience with Gender-Based Violence

I fought to stay alive. I fought back so hard, struggled to get my hand on something (I can’t remember what it was for the life of me) and whacked it over his head. He looked shocked and bewildered for a moment, then he got up and left. He has not touched me since that day. It was the first time I fought back.