Author: Sahra Mohamed

Ever since she can recall, Sahra has had a passion for words. At the mere age of eight, she achieved her first publication in an anthology. What followed was an ever-growing love of literature over the years. Sahra is particularly interested in exploring culture and identity through her work. She is passionate about increasing literacy within marginalized communities, particularly in the area of health, which she achieves in her ongoing role in the Healthcare Communications industry. Alongside this, Sahra is also a 20/21 Aziz Foundation Scholar, studying an MSc in Drug Discovery & Pharma Management at UCL. She is currently working on her first novel, a historical fiction set in East Africa in the 1970s. This sparked her current involvement in the Women Writers Project at Oxford House, whereby she is supporting the development of a Literature Festival to build and expand on Somali Arts projects.  

Navigating the Corporate World as a First-Generation Black Muslim Woman
The Tone Up

Navigating the Corporate World as a First-Generation Black Muslim Woman

It is at socials like these, where exclusion towards Muslims is often heightened, with drinking culture being mostly to blame. In the corporate field, it is no surprise that drinking is the primary way teams socialise. It boosts staff morale, strengthens personal relationships and in some cases, even gives employees a deeper insight into the business and clientele itself. But for non-drinkers like myself, these occasions are approached with dread. I sometimes feel my seniors are closer to the other juniors in our team as they regularly join them for after-work drinks, whereas I do not. Consequently, causing me to worry that my career progression will be negatively impacted.

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