Author: Mutiah Badruddeen

Muti'ah Badruddeen is a Nigerian physician and reproductive and mental health advocate, who practices in Saudi Arabia. She is a homeschooling mum of three children and author of three books. Her latest book, Rekiya and Z, was lauded as "gripping, all-encompassing, and poignant" on Amaliah Bookshelf. 'Rekiya and Z' is available on all major online platforms. A free chapter can be downloaded here.
What I've Learned from Documenting the Joys of Muslim Women
The Mindset

What I’ve Learned from Documenting the Joys of Muslim Women

As I got more and more responses that detailed joy in ibadah, in our hijab, in serving our family and friends, in helping, in giving back; and very few responses about joy for the sake of it or finding the same emotions in things that revolved about us, were about us; I do wonder. Are we truly this altruistic and giving, or have we been taught that our worth was in the value we bring, so much so that we can barely find joy in ourselves, for ourselves, and just because? Do we really not feel joy outside of these roles or are we just scared of owning that, possibly of being judged as not Muslim enough?

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Reclaiming Feminine Spaces and Bodily Autonomy
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The Tone Up

Reclaiming Feminine Spaces and Bodily Autonomy as Muslim Women

I am tired of having to explain to grown men that random, unrelated women do not want your opinions and judgements on the choices that they make in their lives. Not unless they ask for it. That accosting and deriding a woman for her choices cannot be explained away as “enjoining good and forbidding evil”.

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