Author: Almas Nazeer

Almas Nazeer is a Brand Architect by profession. Having lived with RDD (Recurring Depressive Disorder) for six years now, she feels obligated to write about Mental health and women issues. Occasionally she writes about brand building. Read more from her Blog
My Family's Misogyny is the Only Reason I'm Still Single at Thirty-Two
The Tone Up

My Family’s Misogyny is the Only Reason I’m Staying Single at Thirty-Two

I was a different person in college. I was me. I found my voice. I found the education I needed to open my mind; the strength I needed to voice out ‘inequality’. It was some sort of training my parents didn’t anticipate. We were taught to be independent, to never depend on men, or their opinions. It’s also where I learnt that “We”, as women are so much capable, individually and collectively. Thanks to this education, I gathered the courage to be financially independent. I called off a wedding, decided to stay single and adopted a kitten when my hormones started acting up.

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