The Muslim Women Times

TMWT is an independent media platform spotlighting the stories of Muslim women and nurturing beliefs rooted in Agency. We aim to be one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in the world of Muslim women. We hope to cover key issues, spark debates, progressive ideas and difficult topics to get the Muslim world talking.

The importance of documenting our stories has never been more pressing than now. For centuries, our histories have been whitewashed, making it easy for generations of women to be brainwashed. TMWT is saying “No more”.

Our Ethos

At TMWT, we believe in centring the Muslim woman’s mind, rather than her body. For so long, the focus has been on what the Muslim woman’s body can and cannot do. Standards for women’s bodies in Muslim communities are predicated on the male gaze. It is, for sure, a standard that is different from the Eurocentric mainstream, but it is a standard. And this is why our platform chooses not to focus on fashion and beauty, but on nurturing the mind of the woman.

Collaborate with The Muslim Women Times

TMWT is open to partnerships. These are helpful connections who aren’t necessarily part of our team but can steer us in the right direction. Partnering with relevant brands can bring more exposure to our media platform, as we share our audiences with one another as well as ideas and opportunities. Get in touch with us here

Write with The Muslim Women Times

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Have anything to talk or rant about? TMWT is looking forward to expanding the voices of Muslim women. Our tone is forceful, loud and blunt. We tone it up. We say it as it is. We are unapologetic! We accept submissions under all sections of our platform.

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Our Primary Audience

Our platform is catered primarily to “ALL” Muslim Women. TMWT has a policy of total inclusion.

Our Community

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TMWT hopes to build a vibrant online community across social media platforms. We are on facebook, twitter and Instagram. When we foster a strong community on our social media pages, it gives readers a shared sense of belonging. Discussions are far more interesting when readers get involved, and they can provide us with inspiration and direction.