MWAF's Maiden Arts Festival is Celebrating Women's Contribution to Muslim Heritage
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MWAF’s Maiden Arts Festival is Celebrating Women’s Contribution to Muslim Heritage

In commemoration of Women’s History Month, the Muslim Women’s Arts Foundation (MWAF), on 5th March 2022, will be launching its very first Women’s Arts Festival at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, UK. This festival marks the launch of the global Muslim Women’s Arts Foundation, set up by the founder of MACFEST, Qaisra Shahraz MBE to celebrate and elevate Muslim female artists across the globe.

Offering you a feast celebrating Muslim Women in the creative industries from the North-West and across the world, It promises a marvellous selection of events in store for the whole family, including art exhibitions, calligraphy workshops, performances, poetry recitals, and many more activities, encouraging everyone to explore their creative spirits whilst guided by the expertise of Muslim female artists!

A lineup of some Artists and Speakers at the Festival

MWAF’s Maiden Arts Festival aims to provide a platform for Muslim women of various ages across the globe to showcase their artwork and overcome the stereotypes of Muslim women as being oppressed. The art to be showcased takes various forms such as paintings, performances, filmmaking, writing, amongst others, to demonstrate that being a Muslim woman does not create a barrier to creativity and that these women can still do incredible things in art, overcoming societal stereotypes and prejudices.  

Join MWAF for the official launch of the Muslim Women’s Arts Foundation and the first ever Muslim Women’s Arts Festival; celebrating and elevating Muslim female artists across the globe! There is something for everyone: Welcome speeches, performance, cake cutting, celebration of multi-art forms and singing by Hawo Ahmed Hilowle, famous Somali singer, videos of artwork and more! Download the events brochure to find out more about MWAF’s maiden arts festival.


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