MACFEST is Opening Black History Month with a Celebration of Nigerian Culture

MACFEST is Opening Black History Month with a Celebration of Nigerian Culture

As part of a series of events lined up for Black History month, The Muslim Arts and Culture Festival (MACFEST), UK is celebrating the diverse cultures of Nigeria; Africa’s most populous and multicultural nation. From the cultural value of names and chieftaincy title ceremonies to the significance of tribal marks, iconic arts and crafts to wedding ceremonies and varieties of food from across the North, South and Eastern regions of Nigeria, It’s going to be an exciting event exposing the world to the beauty of the African diversity.

Chaired by Maryam Afolabi, an undergraduate at the University of Manchester and a MACFEST team member, this online event recognises that Black people are not a monolith and aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the black experience. It also further reinforces the fact that cultures outside of the occident matter a lot. Men and women from diverse parts of the world, including scholars, academics, activists, artists and entrepreneurs are invited to register for this event via Eventbrite. The celebration of Nigerian Culture challenges the ignorance, misconceptions and negative perceptions of Africans and is a useful resource to heritage organisations, cultural community organisations and archiving initiatives worldwide.

MACFESTUK is a ground-breaking, award-winning festival hosted across Greater Manchester and the North West – and across the world! The initiative celebrates art, literature, music, history, culture, photography, cuisine, children, youth and women and the heritage of the Muslim diaspora. It offers over 70 events, most of which are free and digital, and many are hosted by schools and colleges. Muslim Arts and Culture Festival aims to bring Muslim and non-Muslim communities together, promote social inclusion and overcome barriers.

This great initiative is led by prize-winning author, educationist and peace activist Qaisra Shahraz MBE FRSA, who features in the prestigious Power 100 List of the most influential Muslims in the UK. Qaisra has dedicated her life to women’s rights and fighting Islamophobia, racism and all forms of discrimination. She and the fantastic MACFEST team are committed to building bridges between communities in the UK and around the world.

To register for this event, click here

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