Representation We Can Trust: The New 'Super-Hijabi' Movie Has Us Taking Charge of Our Own Narratives
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Representation We Can Trust: The New ‘Super-Hijabi’ Movie Has Us Taking Charge of Our Own Narratives

Super Hijabi

When was the last time you watched a movie whose lead character was a young Muslim girl? How often have you come across adequately represented Muslim characters in film and TV? For most Muslims out there, the answer is most definitely “never”. Against the backdrop of deliberate faulty representations of Muslims in mainstream media, award-winning poet, filmmaker and founder of Safina Media, Boonaa Mohammed recently embarked on a project to change the face of the entertainment industry for Muslim families. His new movie, ‘Super-Hijabi’ is the kind of representation Muslims can trust. It is an unapologetically Muslim superhero movie that features a young Muslim girl as its main character. According to Muslim Kids TV, “‘Super Hijabi’ is the kind of movie that has been missing in mainstream media and we are here to fill the gap.

In the movie, 10-year old Sakeena is a fun-loving whiz kid who wants nothing more than to see her parents Layla and Amir get along again. Her parents’ constant arguing is kicked up a notch after their home is robbed by two dim-witted thieves, G-Slice and Mo-Money. When the family realize that the thieves stole their safe – which includes their entire life savings – it’s clear to Sakeena that her parents are one inch away from divorce.

Her Grandmother Susan steps in and sends Amir and Layla to a marriage retreat where they encounter the wacky free-spirited Baba Lova, and Sakeena believes that it’s up to her to get the safe back before her parents return. With the help of her digital assistant Keyfa, and armed with an arsenal of customized tech she developed, Sakeena launches a plan to track down the bad guys and get the safe back in order to keep her family together.

Executive Producer Boonaa Mohammed in an Instagram post stated that “Movies these days are filled with unislamic content and have almost zero representation of Muslims who play a positive role. This is where ‘Super Hijabi’ comes in! It’s Islamic, it’s thrilling, It’s funny and It’s inspiring – exactly the kind of content our kids need these days.

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The producers of ‘Super Hijabi’ have launched a launch good fundraising campaign to support the production cost of the movie. This is because producing a feature film is expensive and Muslim writers and directors do not have access to the film studios and big budgets since many of them do not want to compromise Islamic values. Few, if any, Muslim countries or Islamic waqf fund educational and cultural movies for children, making it very difficult to produce movies with adequate Muslim representation. Isn’t it about time we all pitch in to help tell Muslim stories? The goal is to have 1,000 people contribute $100.

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Get exclusive access to ‘Super Hijabi’ – the movie alongside a yearly subscription to Muslim Kids TV – the world’s leading streaming services for Muslim families with a library of over 5,000 videos here.


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