The Conversation: Activism Through Education - Celebrating the Legacy of Muslim Women
The Conversation

The Conversation: Activism Through Education – Celebrating the Legacy of Muslim Women

The Conversation” brings to you a series of events and safe spaces where women and girls can go at any time to feel safer and empowered and have access to information, education, recreational activities, support and services. This Week, TMWT is starting a series of Real-Time Conversations on the Clubhouse App for Muslim women by Muslim Women.

Activism Through Education

In this month of March, we are called upon to remember the contributions of women throughout history As we celebrate their achievements and recognise the struggles of women this women’s history month, the words of Arzoo Ahmed, founder of Muslim Women Histories, comes to mind “We know that the past can inspire the present, but what if the past is not known, or is distorted, and known differently to what it was? History is mostly written and overshadowed by men, with women recorded as their intellectually inferior counterparts, having played little role in producing knowledge and ideas. Women’s histories are difficult to locate not just in religion, but in science, philosophy, politics, and beyond; not because women were absent, but because their contributions were not recorded, or even, as some may argue, excluded

Recognising the need to document women of the past and present, TMWT is taking it one step further by hosting real-time conversations centred around women’s histories and struggles. We created a membership club on the Clubhouse mobile app to host and entertain conversations around social issues affecting Muslim women around the world. This is an avenue to meet key influencers, activists and policy shapers and have salient dialogues on diverse issues in real-time. If you haven’t downloaded the Clubhouse app, this may be a good time to do so. Search for TMWT – The Conversation and click on the follow button. If you have any topic ideas or would love to co-host a conversation on this beautiful platform, please get in touch with the team at

This week, Thursday, 11th March 2021, we are having our very first official real-time conversation around the topic “Activism Through Education – Celebrating the Legacy of Muslim Women”. Conversations will be shaped by Wardah Abbas, founding editor of The Muslim Women Times, Salimat Bakare, Senior Architect at Crystal White Architects and Akeela Ahmed, Founder of She Speaks, We Hear and Chairman of Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group. Join the conversation!


TMWT is an online media platform spotlighting the stories of Muslim women of the past and present. We aim to be one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in the world of Muslim women. We hope to cover key issues, spark debates, progressive ideas and provocative topics to get the Muslim world talking. We want to set agendas and explore ideas to improve the lives and wellbeing of Muslim Women.

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