Her-story and Her: An International Women’s Day Poem

Her-story and Her: An International Women's Day Poem by Assia Hamdi

On The Tone-Up TMWT’s Spotlight Editor, Assia Hamdi, shares a very powerful poem; Her-Story and Her, to Celebrate International Women’s Day and Choose to Challenge the Status Quo,

Her-Story and Her

What a way to

Drown out the her-stories of History.

How they

Deemed her legacies unworthy,

Then they

Severed the lineages of our identity.

And they

Removed our communities agency.

They say

To know your future you must know your past.

Hence I say

They Can never

Wash away the innate

intuitions that connect us through time and space.

They Can never

Submerge the cries and powerful voices of our past and present.

They Can never

Smirch the lineage of oral and literary tales.

They Can never

Sever the secret language that binds us.

They Can never

Bury the existence of female greatness.

They Can never

Drown out the truth of her-stories.

They Can never

Block the dazzling legacies

that live through the fibre of our very souls and bodies.

For commentaries on this poem, visit our Instagram Story to watch Assia Hamdi’s Takeover of our Instagram page where she recites the poem and talks about the inspiration behind it.

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