Day: February 17, 2021

Hajiya Gambo Sawaba: Activist, Philantropist and the Most Jailed Politician in Nigeria
The Spotlight

Hajiya Gambo Sawaba: Activist, Philanthropist and the Most Imprisoned Politician in Nigeria

In the early years of her activism, many women in northern Nigeria observed purdah, a form of social seclusion, Gambo went from house-to-house to speak to them. This displeased the Native Authority in Kano and, in 1952, she was hauled before the conservative Alkali (Magistrates) Court, on charges of “drawing out women who were in purdah”. The court sentenced her to three months in prison; the first of 16 prison sentences she would serve during her lifetime.

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The Psychological Toll of South-Asian Matchmaking
The Tone Up

“Too Bold” and “Not Feminine Enough” for a Good Pious Man: The Psychological Toll of South-Asian Matchmaking

In South Asian culture, people seem to expect that every of a girl’s life will eventually tie into her future marriage. (We’re good at structuring our lives around male privilege like that.) When I was in college, people would tell me that I needed to learn to cook – not because it’s a life skill and I would die if I didn’t learn it, but because “you’ll need to feed your husband someday!”

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