Day: December 7, 2020

The Politics of Silence - The Muslim Women Times
The Tone Up

On The Politics of Silence: Reflections on ‘Kim JI Young’ – The Movie and Lessons Learned

women don’t have to do something major like save a nation or participate in politics to have their battles acknowledged. We are all Kim Ji Youngs; faceless young women, battling daily misogyny in our lives from our houses to schools to workplaces.

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Lubna of cordoba: One Woman, Many Tales - The Muslim Women Times
The Spotlight

From Slavery to Politics: Honouring the Multi-Dimensional Personality of Lubna of Cordoba

Contemporary historians failed to do justice to Lubna’s legacy. The why can be easily answered by the fact that she was a woman. A woman no less who earned her right to fame through skills and hard work. A woman who wasn’t the wife of someone influential, nor the daughter of a famous man.

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