Day: December 1, 2020

Gender-Based Violence in Muslim Communities - The Muslim Women Times
The Issue

Confronting the Sphinx: Zainab bint Younus on Gender-Based Violence in Muslim Communities

There is a sense of defensiveness, of not wanting to acknowledge the diseases that we have within our community, because to do so feels equivalent to admitting to the non-Muslims that we are not as perfect and pure as we claim, or that we are as bad as they make us out to be.

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Patriarchal Standards of Beauty - The Muslim Women Times
The Tone Up

Rewriting a Culture Rooted in Patriarchal Standards of Feminine Beauty.

Each time you shame another woman because you believe she rates lower than you on the scale of male desirability, you expose your deep lack of self-love and self-esteem. And to achieve a gender-equal world, where women are respected and valued as humans and not objects, rhetorics that define our humanity based on patriarchal standards must end.

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